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Walk for Bibles is a mission project of the Space Coast Seafarers Ministry.  Individuals and groups are invited to come to walk 1, 2 or 4 miles to raise funds to purchase Bibles to give to the international seafarers that work on cruise and cargo ships that visit Port Canaveral. Last year we gave out 4500 Bibles in 60+ languages. As you walk there will be numbered prayer stops that correspond with a sheet of prayer requests.  Individuals who do not choose to walk may stay at the church to pray for the seafarers as well.


Please request a Sponsor sign-up sheet and ask friends and relatives to donate money to be used to purchase Bibles.  The average cost of an international Bible is $10.  So tell your sponsors that every $10 they give will provide a seafarer with a Bible in their home language.  Try to collect your donations and bring them with you to the walk.Free T-Shirts are given to each walker. We will also provide refreshments and water stops along the prayer route.  We also invite you to stop by the Space Coast Seafarers Ministry Hospitality Center to tour the facility. We look forward to you joining us in the special day.  View our video here and contact us at or 321-783-0007 for further information.



Walk for Bibles Video Link