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Online Bibles and Study Helps

Try out these free resources for helping you study God's word. They are very well done and each has its own strenghts.


This software is designed for mobile devices, but the website is another good way to do electronic searches and it offers different reading programs. If you have an iPhone or Droid phone, then you can add this invaluable app for FREE. What is perhaps most impressive about this software is the amazing number of translations that can be accessed: 110 translations representing 40 languages! Many of the versions are audio enabled, so you can listen as you read.


If you want to do an electronic search, is hard to beat. It has several different study helps including the ability to display a verse in many different versions at the same time. There are also several commentaries, Bible dictionaries, lexicons, etc.



Need to copy and paste a verse or a passage of scripture into an electronic document? Then is where you need to go. Of course it has many other great features, but it is great for a nice clean copy of text into your document.